It may be more than you realize

Economists estimate nearly $238 billion dollars in unredeemed rewards currency, making them an attractive target for fraudsters and hackers. But what could a single instance of loyalty fraud cost your business? The impact goes beyond the value of the reward and could affect your long-term relationships with customers. 

Join Laura Hurdelbrink, Loyalty Fraud Product Manager at Connexions Loyalty, on Wednesday, June 13 at 1:00 p.m. EDT as she uncovers "The Real Cost of Loyalty Fraud." In this webinar Laura will discuss:

  • The impact of fraud on the customer
  • The potential cost of loyalty fraud for business, and its impact on customer lifetime value
  • The intangible ramifications of fraud, including reputation management and customer experience

Laura will also share a formula to help you calculate the potential cost of a single instance of loyalty fraud.

we hope you'll join us.