Negative customer experiences are inevitable, no matter how many controls an organization puts in place. And while consumers' expectations related to customer experience continue to grow, ultimately, it's how brands recover from a less-than-perfect experience that builds true brand loyalty.  

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  • 67% of consumers who have had a negative experience with a brand were not offered any form of compensation
  • And of those who weren't offered an apology, 60% said the lack of compensation made them feel worse about the interaction
  • But when consumers receive what they perceive as an appropriate response, 90% say they are likely to stay with a brand

Yes, apologizing matters, but the act alone is not enough - equally important is how you say "I'm sorry." 

We talked to nearly 1,500 American consumers to learn how compensating a negative experience impacts loyalty, the kinds of compensation they prefer and their expectations surrounding the recovery process.

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