Give your customers the power of choice

In today's competitive landscape, unhappy customers  have a growing expectation of excellence when it comes to brand experience and even more so when it comes to brand apologies and compensation. 

Give a frustrated customer an underwhelming apology and they'll take their business elsewhere (and may tell people on social media about their experience too). But it doesn't end there.  From prospect to brand loyalist, your customers expect to be met with the same level of excellence and service during every interaction. 

That's where MotivEngine can help. Our interactive demo will take you through various scenarios to show you:

  • How you can empower customers by giving them a choice in how they're compensated
  • What the experience looks like for your customers
  • How campaigns can be customized for various customer lifestages: prospect, new customer, an apology or surprise and delight
  • The multitude of compensation options availible to you and your customers

Use the form to the right to access the interactive demo.

ME Demo Screen.png